Florida Pharmaceutical Statewide Clearinghouse Site

Florida Pharmaceutical Statewide Clearinghouse Site

The Florida Pharmaceutical Clearinghouse Site functions as a statewide clearinghouse for information related to collection events, drop off locations as well as proper management information for pharmaceuticals. The site contains information on how to dispose of pharmaceuticals in compliance with state and federal regulations.  In addition the site contains innovative tools for learning how to conduct collection events including marketing technics, administrative issues as well as transportation and final disposal.



US EPA Household Medication Disposal

EPA has launched a website to provide information to households about proper disposal of leftover medications, including how to use various pharmaceutical take-back programs. This new web area will help the public understand why proper disposal of household medication is needed and what households should and should not do with their unwanted medications. The website will also provide collectors of household medications with information about what they should do with the medications they collect. Check out the new website.



US EPA Guidance on the Management of Household Pharmaceuticals Collected by Law Enforcement During Take-Back Events and Programs

In a memorandum released September 12,  2018, EPA is providing law enforcement agencies with specific information on how best to manage household drugs collected in take-back programs in order to encourage law enforcement to continue to offer these critical programs to the public. This memorandum describes the various cost-effective options that law enforcement agencies can use to transport and destroy household drugs collected to comply with EPA, U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, U.S. Department of Transportation and U.S. Postal Service regulations.

This guidance can be found here:


Managing Pharmaceutical Waste: A 10-Step Blueprint for Health Care Facilities in the United States

EPA Releases 2022 10-step approach to help you develop and implement a comprehensive pharmaceutical hazardous waste management program – one that combines regulatory compliance and best management practices with waste minimization – to safeguard human health and the environment, while minimizing risk in a cost effective manner.



Need to dispose of prescription drugs near you?

Click on the DEA Locator Link below to find out if there is a place to drop off meds near you:

DEA Locator – Click HERE

Source:  Drug Enforcement Administration, Diversion Control Division

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Pharmaceutical Waste Management

Pharmaceutical Waste Management for Homeowners

Do not flush your medicines down the toilet or down the drain. Use a disposal site or collection event when available, or dispose of old medications in the trash.  For more info view this link:

Site:  https://floridadep.gov/waste/permitting-compliance-assistance/content/pharmaceutical-waste-management

Southern Waste Information Exchange,  Inc. (SWIX)

Operation Medicine Cabinet – Medicine Collection Event Workshop

Background:  Since 2008, the Southern Waste Information eXchange, Inc. (SWIX) has been conducing a medicine collection event under a grant from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

On April 21st, 2017 SWIX conducted a Medicine Collection Event Workshop to educate interested parties on how to conduct an event.  Proceedings and videos from the workshop can be viewed from the link below.

Site:  https://www.southernwasteinformationexchange.com/medicine-collection-event-workshop-proceedings/

DEA National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

Background: The National Prescription Drug Take Back Day addresses a crucial public safety and public health issue. According to the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 6.4 million Americans abused controlled prescription drugs. The study shows that a majority of abused prescription drugs were obtained from family and friends, often from the home medicine cabinet.  The DEA’s Take Back Day events provide an opportunity for Americans to prevent drug addiction and overdose deaths.

Site:  https://takebackday.dea.gov/

Product Steward Institute

Background: The Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) is a national, membership-based nonprofit committed to reducing the health, safety, and environmental impacts of consumer products across their lifecycle with a strong focus on sustainable end-of-life management. We take a unique product stewardship approach to solving waste management problems by encouraging product design changes and mediating multi-stakeholder dialogues. With 47 state environmental agency members, along with hundreds of local government members from coast to coast, and 100 corporate, business, academic, non-U.S. government, and organizational partners, we work to promote product stewardship across North America.

Site: https://www.productstewardship.us/general/custom.asp?page=Start_Drug_Takeback

PSI’s Safe Drug Disposal Portal

Background:  Whether this is your first time considering the risks lurking in your medicine cabinet, or you’re an expert seeking tips on organizing a safe drug take-back program for your community, there are resources here to help you.   Visit PSI’s Safe Drug Disposal Portal by clicking on the link below.

Site: https://www.productstewardship.us/page/GoToGuide?

Stericycle Pharmaceutical Take Back Services

Background: Stericycle’s Medication Collection Kiosks and Envelopes are safe, reliable, and anonymous outlets for consumers and pharmaceutical end users to dispose of their unused and/or expired drugs. Collection receptacles serve many different types of facilities including retail pharmacies, long-term care facilities, hospitals, law enforcement agencies, businesses and organizations.

Site:  https://www.stericycleenvironmental.com/service/pharmaceutical-takeback/

American RX Group

Background: American RX Group offers collection and destruction services for prescription drugs. Our DOT certified and DEA compliant collection materials offer a turn-key solution for collection of unneeded, expired, or extra medication. Our goal is to give you all of the tools you need to help keep our environment safe, reduce opioid addiction, and keep children safe through the effective collection and disposal of prescription medications.

Site:  https://www.americanrxgroup.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMItMXwp_qe2wIVDyOBCh3L9AItEAAYAiAAEgLStPD_BwE

Covanta Pharmaceutical Program

Background: Covanta Environmental Solutions can assist with our simple, cost-effective process that helps healthcare practitioners (doctors, dentists and veterinarians) and DEA-registrants comply with DEA rules and regulations. As a nationwide DEA registered reverse distributor with over 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical waste management and destruction, we strictly follow and adhere to the regulations (Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1317) and provide our guidance so they can do the same. Our customers enjoy hassle-free solutions to small and large-scale drug disposal.  Covanta provides a mail-in box program that is convenient and affordable solution that helps your facility stay in full compliance with DEA regulations and avoid corrective actions, fines and missteps.  Whether you need to destroy a small quantity of one medication or a larger number of multiple pharmaceuticals, we’ll provide the support and solution that works for you.  They offer three different box sizes to choose from.  There are no contracts, hidden fees or upfront payments.

Site:  https://www.covanta.com/Our-Solutions/Healthcare-Solutions/Healthcare-Providers?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIhqT00Iaf2wIVii-BCh30_geIEAAYAyAAEgJxGPD_BwE


Background: MedReturn is committed to providing a safe, simple, secure and environmentally friendly way to help law enforcement agencies and communities collect unwanted or expired household medication, including prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs and unused pharmaceuticals in locations throughout the U.S.A.

Site:  http://www.medreturn.com/


Background:  DisposeRX is an industry leader in meeting the complex needs of safe drug disposal.  They have a strategic initiative with Walmart as an important collaboration to provide an environmentally disposal method.

Site:  https://disposerx.com

Rx Destroyer™

Background: Rx Destroyer™ medication disposal systems available in All-Purpose and Liquids formulations. The large variety of sizes accommodates your facilities specific disposal needs.

Site:  http://www.rxdestroyer.com

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