Benefits of an Office Recycling Program

Benefits of an Office Recycling Program

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In recent years, sustainability and recycling are in the minds of corporations and offices alike. Many offices have begun adopting a recycling program. It could be an eager employee with an eye for the environment, or a corporate initiative to reduce waste-to-landfill. Whichever the motivation, there are several benefits to an office recycling program.

benefits of an office recycling program


Read five benefits of office recycling below:

  1. Reduce Waste – The number one goal of an office recycling program is to reduce waste. Replace trash cans in your office with recycling containers. Through a bit of education and discipline, employees can learn to recycle before throwing things away. Things like cardboard boxes from frozen lunches or metal soup cans are perfect items to take out of the trash and recycle.
  1. Save Money – By reducing your waste, you save money on your disposal costs. You can reduce the size of your collection bin and reduce the amount of times the trash hauler collects your waste. You can also take your metal soup cans or aluminum soda cans for a rebate. Instead of paying the trash collector to haul your waste, you make money!
  1. Protect the Environment – Recycling benefits the air and water by creating a net reduction in ten major categories of air pollutants and eight major categories of water pollutants. By going digital and reducing your use of paper the average office worker will save themselves on tree each year.  In ten years, a company of 100 could save an acre!
  1. Save Energy – You can save a lot of money by recycling! For every ton of recycled paper, you can save 4000 kilowatts of energy. Recycling your aluminum soda can also conserves a great amount of energy. Aluminum can be recycled over and over and according to the EPA, recycling an aluminum can requires less than 5 percent go the energy that would be expended in creating a similar can out of fresh bauxite ore. The Aluminum Association estimates that the energy saved in recycling a single aluminum can could power a television for 3 hours
  1. Positive Company Image – Having an office recycling program lets your customers and partners know that you have a genuine concern for the environment and you have the willingness to do something about it. This effort paints your company in a positive light in the public eye.





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