Florida DEP’s Recycling Business Assistance Center

Florida DEP’s Recycling Business Assistance Center

Source: DEP

What does Florida’s RBAC do?

We assist in the development of markets for recyclable materials with the mission to achieve a 75% recycling rate by 2020. We can provide assistance to recycling businesses at all levels of the supply chain, as well as potential partners, the Legislature, and the public.

RBAC Objectives

Provide guidance to increase recycling markets
Create connections between industry and government professionals
Increase awareness of RBAC’s services

RBAC Goals

Develop partnerships with interested trade organizations and associations
Build partnerships with other state agencies
Improve our online services
Create Technical Assistance Advisory Group
Develop quarterly e-newsletter
Develop a social media plan (Example: Twitter and FB)
Explore developing a nonprofit foundation for RBAC to raise funding
Develop or partner with an existing recognition/awards program
Provide training for Florida business development

What is Florida’s Recycling Goal?

The Energy, Climate Change, and Economic Security Act of 2008 (House Bill 7135) signed into law by former Governor Crist created Section 403.7032, Florida Statutes. This established a new statewide recycling goal of 75% to be achieved by the year 2020. Also, the statute directed DEP to develop a program designed to achieve this goal and submit it to the Legislature for approval. DEP submitted its 75% Recycling Goal Report in January 2010.

The Recycling Business Assistance Center will help Florida reach its recycling goal by providing support to recycling market development.

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