How Recycling Got Its Groove Back – Turning Up the Quality

Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Web Academy Webinar:

How Recycling Got Its Groove Back – Turning Up the Quality

Listen closely. Do you hear that? The recycling stream is skipping a beat. Amid the bottles, cans, containers and paper that the system relies on, there are scores of misplaced materials creating problems for recycling operations nationwide. This would be cause for pause in normal times, but factor in poor markets and it becomes a call to action.

The good news? Turning up the quality knob in your program is easier than you’d think, and a number of communities have already done just that. In a shining example, The Recycling Partnership recently joined forces with Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) and communities across Massachusetts to diagnose the root causes of contamination, then build out and vet tools to eliminate the issues at their core. After nearly a year of development and piloting, the results are in, the tools are tested, and the on-the-ground lessons and resources are ready for you.

Join representatives from local programs, a hauler and materials recovery facility (MRF), MassDEP, and The Recycling Partnership as they outline their winning approach to dialing up quality. Hear the outcomes, share in the stories, and walk away with tangible tools – ready-to-implement task lists, printable graphic files, curbside standards of procedure (SOPs), and the data to back it up – to get your stream back in tune.

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