Sony TV spots to boost global eco-consciousness

Sony TV spots to boost global eco-consciousness


Global:  Sony Pictures Television (SPT) has launched a global environmental campaign across its channels in 177 countries, involving 45 networks in 30 languages. The ”Picture This” broadcasts will focus on various sustainable issues in a bid to boost overall social engagement.

Sony’s slogan is to ‘picture a world more vibrant, more hopeful, more responsible, and more sustainable’. In practice, this translates into a multitude of eco-targets, such as improving collection and recycling rates for post-consumer textiles in the UK.

Other missions include encouraging Polish viewers to embrace recycled products, while Italians are asked to embrace upcycling. Communities in Germany are advised to use sustainable products to reduce landfilling whereas Russians are urged to reconsider their littering and recycling habits.

‘We’re confident that this movement will resonate with our viewers, inspiring them to get involved and give their support to areas in need,’ comments Eric Berger, executive vice president of SPT Digital Networks.

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