The Benefits of Recycling in the Commercial Kitchen (Part 1)

The Benefits of Recycling in the Commercial Kitchen (Part 1)

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To adequately feed the masses on a day-to-day basis, restaurants tend to serve large portions to satisfy their crafty diners. While full plates are a comforting sight to any table, with generous helpings comes a considerable amount of waste. And with waste come more operating costs, whether in the form of trash handling fees or uneaten and spoiled food.

But with a recycling program, lowering these fees or saying goodbye to them altogether is a reality every restaurant can subscribe to—and the benefits don’t end there.


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The Advantages of Recycling

Recycling is Good for Business

Customers tend to take notice when a restaurants converges their efforts toward environmental sustainability. In fact, studies have shown 79% of diners prefer dining an eco-friendly restaurant over one that isn’t taking steps to better the environment. Not only will recycling improve your public image, but it can increase customer loyalty and spur customer involvement as well.

Cheaper Trash Fees

The fewer times the trash truck swings by to empty your dumpster, the less you will have to pay for trash pickup.

Cash Incentives for Participation

Some local governments offer monetary assistance for restaurants who implement recycling programs. Also, some trash companies have recycle based service plans with rewards incentives that can cost $20 to $50 less per ton than conventional garbage pickup.

Reduced Purchasing Cost

Saving money and reducing waste could be as simple as investing in a few reusable items. Restaurants with an effective waste management system might keep cloth cleaning rags and reusable flatware in stock.

Avoid Extra Costs

Some U.S. cities banned recyclable materials like newspaper and cardboard from entering their landfills. In fact, these municipalities could charge an extra disposal fee for those that leave recyclables in their landfills.

About Landfills

The dump. The tip. Or, if you hail from Scotland, the midden. Regardless of what you call a landfill, these giant garbage tombs store and hide trash, keeping garbage in and air and moisture out. In these conditions, garbage can take decades or even centuries to fully breakdown and decompose. From an environmental standpoint, making a point of recycling means you’re benefiting your restaurant and the world around you.






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